The pre-season friendly between Strathspey Thistle and Balloan FC arranged for this Saturday has been cancelled.
We thought you would like to know in case you were planning an afternoon in Grantown to see all the new faces.
The next pre-season friendly is against last season’s league winners and is scheduled for next Saturday – 29 June 2024 at Seafield Park, Grantown KO 2pm.

More details next week.

Two things on this Sunday ……..


As ever we conclude this week’s meanderings offering you a jackpot win of £6400 on our online fundraising lottery – click here if you want to play…


As intimated a couple of weeks ago after the current jackpot, has been won therefore completing that game there will be couple of changes.

There will still be a weekly prize of £100 for a consolation winner if their entry matches four of the five numbers drawn, however instead of a weekly increase in the jackpot of £100, this will now be increased monthly. 

The game is to forecast 5 winning numbers, which are drawn at random, from 1-20. The 5 numbers chosen are to be marked by a cross (X).

  1. The Jackpot prize starts at £1,000 and the game continues until it is won and starts afresh. As applicable, the Jackpot increases by £100 immediately after the first draw in each calendar month, up to a maximum of £5,000. The Jackpot is then capped at £5,000 until it is won in a weekly draw. 
  2. If more than one player has 5 winning numbers, the Jackpot will be divided equally among the winning players. 
  3. Should no entry forecast all 5 winning numbers, then any player matching 4 numbers will be entered into a draw for a single Consolation Prize of £100
  4. THE DRAW will take place every SUNDAY at 7pm unless otherwise advised.
  5. The entrant named on the ticket must be at least 16 years of age.
  6. All winners will be notified.

….And there’s a wee game of football over in Stuttgart…..all the best lads…..

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