SATURDAY 23 MARCH 2024 – KO 3 pm

This Saturday we host Clachnacuddin FC in a 3pm kick off Breedon Highland League match at Seafield Park.


In a week which has been quite turbulent for both teams off the park it’ll be good to get back on the park for a good game o’ fitba.
Clachnacuddin club stalwarts chairman Alex Chisholm, and directors Scott Dowling and Chris Forbes resigned after many years of service and we wish them well in their futures away from the hustle and bustle of running a Highland League football club – we will be sorry not to welcome them in an official capacity on Saturday.

This is the return game of what was an eight goal thriller at Grant Street Park back in November – a game we should have won as we were winning by three goals to nil at half time. I don’t know what the chats were but a different Clach emerged from the dressing room for the second half and fought their way back to level, with what was effectively the last kick of the game making the final score 4 – 4.
As you can imagine the neutrals and the Clach supporters enjoyed the game far more than the Jags fans so hopefully on Saturday we can repeat our start and manage game second half so we can add another three points to the three we won last week.

We wish Mike and the boys all the best in what has the makings of a cracking match and hope we can make it two wins in a row.

If any of the Clach supporters would like a refresher on what is available in Grantown please click here.

This will be the last Saturday that we will be able to utilise the neighbouring Golf club’s car park before their season starts so please do so if there is no parking available at the Burnfield Car Park approx 200 m from the ground.
Strathspey Thistle would like to thank Grantown-on-Spey Golf Club for their help with parking over the winter months.


The winning Jags squad from Saturday’s game.

At last we secured three points after an excellent performance winning 3 – 0 against Deveronvale at Princess Royal Park in Banff.
After our only league win, so far this season, strangely enough against Deveronvale at Seafield Park in November there was perhaps a mindset that perhaps we could get something from the game.
Acting manager Mike Rae and his assistant on Saturday, ex-Jags boss Charlie Brown, were delighted with the team’s efforts and well deserved their win.

Scorers Mike McKenzie, Owen Loveland, Ross Logan.

After we missed a penalty in the fifty-fourth minute, Mike McKenzie scored three minutes later. Owen Loveland doubled our lead in the sixty-second minute and Ross Logan sealed the win in the eighty-ninth. As you can imagine it was all smiles and happiness after the game and hopefully more of the same this Saturday.

Various talks had taken place over the past couple of weeks regarding a possible merger with North Caledonian League team Loch Ness FC but after another committee meeting on Monday night both parties decided against the idea. 

So, the £5000 jackpot wasn’t won last Sunday so this week  we are offering you a jackpot win of £5100 on our online fundraising lottery – click here if you want to play…

After the current jackpot has been won therefore completing that game there will be couple of changes.
There will still be a weekly prize of £100 for a consolation winner if their entry matches four of the five numbers drawn, however instead of a weekly increase in the jackpot of £100, this will now be increased monthly. 
The game is to forecast 5 winning numbers, which are drawn at random, from 1-20. The 5 numbers chosen are to be marked by a cross (X).

  1. The Jackpot prize starts at £1,000 and the game continues until it is won and starts afresh. As applicable, the Jackpot increases by £100 immediately after the first draw in each calendar month, up to a maximum of £5,000. The Jackpot is then capped at £5,000 until it is won in a weekly draw. 
  2. If more than one player has 5 winning numbers, the Jackpot will be divided equally among the winning players. 
  3. Should no entry forecast all 5 winning numbers, then any player matching 4 numbers will be entered into a draw for a single Consolation Prize of £100
  4. THE DRAW will take place every SUNDAY at 7pm unless otherwise advised.
  5. The entrant named on the ticket must be at least 16 years of age.
  6. All winners will be notified.

So that’s all sports fans, hopefully, we will see you at Seafield Park next Saturday in a Breedon Highland League match against Nairn County FC kick off 3pm.

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