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Manager Bobby Beckwith

Strathspey Thistle are delighted to be able to confirm the return of Bobby Beckwith – better known as Bobby Becks – as the club’s new manager. 
Bobby was one of the key players in the formation of Strathspey Thistle and as well as the main striker, he was also the club’s first ever lottery convenor.
He later went on to be the coach of the Strathspey Thistle Boys Club which won the Highland Youth League in a play-off against a strong Peterhead side.
Bobby was then manager at the Moray Junior side Lossiemouth United before going on to be assistant manager at Elgin City when they gained entry into the Scottish League.
He also had a similar role with Turriff United, before going on to was manage Clachacuddin Ladies, and then Lossiemouth in the Highland League and recently he stepped up from assistant manager to interim Manager at Rothes.

So it has been a long journey to come back “home”  and everyone at the club is really excited with what he can bring to the club. The one thing we can be sure of, no one will be more excited and passionate about making Strathspey Thistle a success both on and off the pitch.
We hope Bobby will help usher in a new era for STFC. 

Welcome home Bobby! 

We are also excited to announce two new additions to STFC who are going to be working behind the scenes in helping Bobby, our new manager . 

Fraser, Bobby and Josh

First is our newly appointed Director Of Football Fraser Tulloch (left). 
Fraser is a former Jags captain and a man who brought junior trophies to both Grantown FC and Spey Valley United. 
Secondly we have Josh Horton (right) who is taking up the mantle of Sporting Director. Josh is a former manager of Grantown FC in the welfare league and was chairman at a very successful Grantown FC in the Juniors. 
We’re delighted to welcome both and are exited to see what the future holds with our new structure. The future is bright! The future is jaggy…….

We are absolutely delighted to announce the signing of Josh Race from Loch Ness FC

Josh has had a very busy few years in football and is returning to us having started in our youth ranks. He is a creative midfielder with an eye for goal and was also a North Caledonian League winner with Loch Ness. He is a very talented player who has incredible work rate. 
Josh’s C.V. includes Strathspey Youth, Ross County youth for 3 seasons, Strathspey Thistle for 1 season, Spey Valley FC 1 season and Loch Ness for the past 3 seasons. 
It’s come full circle and we are elated that he has decided to come back to his local club. 

Welcome back Josh!

And of course we can’t not mention our fundraising lottery giving you the chance of winning the jackpot of £5700 – click here if you want to play…

As previously intimated after the current jackpot has been won, therefore completing that game, there will be couple of changes.
There will still be a weekly prize of £100 for a consolation winner if their entry matches four of the five numbers drawn, however instead of a weekly increase in the jackpot of £100, this will now be increased monthly. 
The game is to forecast 5 winning numbers, which are drawn at random, from 1-20. The 5 numbers chosen are to be marked by a cross (X).

  1. The Jackpot prize starts at £1,000 and the game continues until it is won and starts afresh. As applicable, the Jackpot increases by £100 immediately after the first draw in each calendar month, up to a maximum of £5,000. The Jackpot is then capped at £5,000 until it is won in a weekly draw. 
  2. If more than one player has 5 winning numbers, the Jackpot will be divided equally among the winning players. 
  3. Should no entry forecast all 5 winning numbers, then any player matching 4 numbers will be entered into a draw for a single Consolation Prize of £100
  4. THE DRAW will take place every SUNDAY at 7pm unless otherwise advised.
  5. The entrant named on the ticket must be at least 16 years of age.
  6. All winners will be notified.

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