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Speaking of wishing good luck for participation in, after a few months of deliberation and discussion (thanks mainly to Lottery Convenor Graeme Stuart, Club Secretary Clive Wolstenholme and Conall and Martina from Clubforce) we now have an online lottery.

Strathspey Thistle are proud to offer fans and friends worldwide the chance of winning some money (this week the total is £4100.00) – as well as supporting us financially.

See link on right side of page….>> to the Clubforce platform.

This will also be intimated to the world through our Facebook and Twitter feeds so please let all your friends know about this major change.

This is the statement from Lottery Convener Graeme:

MONDAY 26th JULY 2021.


Today, Strathspey Thistle FC launch ONLINE LOTTO, using the Clubforce platform (first draw Sunday 1st August 2021). You can buy online entries up to 1 hour before the draw i.e. up to 18.00 hrs in advance of the draw at 19.00 hrs (draws take place every Sunday unless otherwise advised). 

PLAY VIA THE LINK ON OUR FRONT PAGE – it’s easy and enjoyable (N.B. Minimum age for our small social lottery is 16). You do have to register online and then choose your debit/credit card option, number of lines and length of subscription. That process and the completion of your playslips should be straightforward, as all is explained – step by step. Once you have started playing, download the Clubforce app. to your mobile phone for ready access and regular lottery result updates.

This is a brand new opportunity for fans in distant places, or those perhaps finding Covid-19 restrictions an obstacle, to play online and support Strathspey Thistle FC through difficult times. 

Our weekly lottery PAPER TICKET ARRANGEMENTS CONTINUE AS BEFORE and ALL entries from both sources will be included in the weekly draw, giving an EQUAL random chance of winning. 

Strathspey Thistle FC is extremely grateful to regular players and collectors for sustaining and growing the success of our iconic weekly lottery. However, we also need to access those who have not previously felt inclined to participate.

PLEASE PLAY NOW and experience the thrill of having a “flutter” whilst helping to raise funds for your favourite football club. 

Thank you – every £1 helps!


JACKPOT: £4,100 at draw Sunday 1st August 2021. If not won, prize rolls over and increases by £100 each week until won. If more than one winner (all five picks from 1-20 correct), Jackpot will be shared. Then reinstates at £1000.

CONSOLATION PRIZE: £100 paid every week to one lucky winner.

N.B. Potential online winners may be notified automatically by the Clubforce system.  Actual winners are identified at the physical draw that includes paper and online entries

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